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Meet Jawa Doctor cum Jawa Bike Mechanic Sekar from Chennai

After 22 years of Jawa Bike's production halt in the year 1996, joy knew no bounds for Jawa Bike lovers when Classic Legends, part-owned by Mahindra & Mahindra, re-launched the iconic motorcycle.

Even before the relaunch, Jawa owners and mechanics joined hands to keep the bikes on the road. One such unofficial brand ambassador is Sekar, a mechanic from Chennai, who has dedicated his life to Jawa bikes. So much so that he's fondly known as the 'Jawa doctor' among the Jawa fraternity.

For people born before the 80s, Royal Enfield, Rajdoot and Jawa were household names. Jawa had developed a cult following and generations have cherished riding it. Jawa was not just a bike but an emotion. The owners used to treat it like a family member. When the production came to a halt in 1996, die-hard Jawa fans across the country reclaimed Yezdi and Jawa bikes from scrap dealers and hunted down spares from across the country and abroad to rebuild them.
Jawa Bike Specialist or Jawa Doctor Sekar from Chennai
Jawa Bike Specialist or Jawa Doctor Sekar from Chennai

Mechanics like Sekar played an important role in helping Jawa lovers restore bikes from the scrap heap. Shekhar who is popularly known as 'Jawa doctor' or 'Jawa Bike Specialist'. Though illiterate, Sekar learned the skills of the industry and obtained training certificates, opened his first shop in Rayapet, Chennai in 1984 on his own initiative. Even though all the bicycles are repaired, Jawa is a separate entity. His Jawa Workshop is currently located at Kajpati Street, Krishnambadet, Chennai.

Sekar had started working at the age of 10, repairing Lambretta scooters in 1977. After a two-year stint fixing Rajdoots and Yamaha RD350s, he moved to work at the Reliance Motors in Chennai exclusively on Jawas and Yezdis. With practice and experience, he aced the craft and became an expert on all aspects of Jawa and Yezdi bikes.

If you visit Sekar's garage, you will come across around 15 Jawa and Yezdi bikes in various stages of repair. Some have been there for the last two years. "It is a common belief among the Jawa fraternity in Chennai that whatever be the condition of the bike if it reaches Sekar's hands, any ailments afflicting it will be cured," says Varun, the owner of a 1961 model Jawa bike which was brought back to running condition by Sekar.
Jawa Doctor Sekar from Chennai
Jawa Doctor Sekar from Chennai

During the restoration process, getting the right spare parts for the bikes is one of the most challenging tasks for Sekar. Even though it's a tedious and time-consuming process, nowadays he makes several parts of the bike himself.

Speaking about the USP of Jawa bikes, he says, "Jawa has many advantages. One is the auto clutch option. Even if the clutch cable breaks, you can run the bike by pulling the gear lever.

The Jawa specialist also has some celebrity customers. "Actor Vijay Sethupathi had brought his bike for service. Director Prem is a good friend of mine. He had suggested my name to Vijay sir. I serviced the bike well and got appreciation from both Prem and Vijay Sethupathi for the service," says Sekar.

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