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Know about the renowned paediatrician Dr Kafeel Khan

Dr Kafeel Khan (born: 29th September 1979) in a modest and educated family in Gorakhpur, Uttar-Pradesh. Dr Kafeel was good at studies and aspired to be a doctor since childhood. Dr Kafeel Khan had secured All India Rank 30, in Medical Entrance test. He did his MBBS & MD (Pediatrics) from KMC, Manipal, Karnataka.

Dr Kafeel Khan worked as an Assistant Professor in SIIMS, Gangtok (Sikkim) before getting a permanent commission on 8th August 2016 as a lecturer in BRD medical college. His research on ante-natal steroid is well acknowledged in the medical fraternity.
renowned paediatrician Dr Kafeel Khan
renowned paediatrician Dr Kafeel Khan

On 10th of August 2017, Oxygen cylinder vendor stopped supplying cylinders to the Hospital, due to which 63 children admitted in encephalitis ward died. This unfortunate tragedy lead to a massive protest nation-wide and in the haste and to hide the negligence of Medical Governance, Govt. of UP accused the Junior most doctor of the hospital Dr Kafeel Khan, who was on leave that unfortunate day and he was not even the in charge of the ward where deaths of 63 infants had happened. The UP Govt to divert public attention made Dr Kafeel Khan a scapegoat and imprisoned him for nine months.

Later, Honorable Allahabad High court categorically stated that there is no evidence of medical negligence against him. Court Categorically accepted that:

  1. That Dr Kafeel Khan was the junior most doctor
  2. The enquiry has concluded that Dr Kafeel Khan had joined BRD Medical College in Gorakhpur on 08/08/16 as a lecturer under probation. At the time of the sad tragedy of BRD as well, Dr Kafeel Khan was under probation, therefore there existed no question of him in involvement in any administrative or supervisory process in the purchase or upkeep of oxygen.
  3. Despite being on leave on 10/08/17 he rushed to BRD medical college Gorakhpur to save innocent lives
  4. The enquiry has also found that on 10.08.2017, when the sad tragedy occurred at BRD Medical College, Dr Kafeel Khan was on leave and as soon as information was received, despite being on leave and as any doctor would have, Dr Kafeel Khan immediately rushed to the hospital and along with his team, managed to arrange 500 cylinders in those 54 hours.
  5. He called 26 people on that fateful night:  Enquiry has also agreed on the point that Dr Kafeel Khan had put in every effort to the best of his abilities which included phone calls made by himself to all the officials of BRD medical college as well as District Magistrate, Gorakhpur.
  6. There is no evidence suggests his involvement in corruption
  7. He was not responsible for payment/order/tender /maintenance of oxygen supply
  8. He was not the head of encephalitis ward
  9. There is no evidence that he was doing private practice after 08/08/16. His name was removed as a private practitioner on 28/04/17
  10. Charges of medical negligence were baseless without any substance ( बलहीन और असंगत हैं ) 

In a recent RTI filed, the government of UP has accepted that Dr Kafeel Khan indeed arranged jumbo oxygen cylinders to save dying kids. Even in High Court affidavit, U.P. Government has accepted shortage of oxygen supply. Presently Dr Kafeel Khan is still under suspension and cases against him are going on in lower court. In continuance with his social cause, he does free medical camps every week/fortnight for the underprivileged. Also, he is travelling all over India seeking justice for the kids died in BRD oxygen Tragedy.

His efforts are starting to bear fruit and he is now being honoured and recognized by various institutions.

Awards and Recognitions

  • 2019 - Dr Kafeel Khan was awarded with Dr Kalam Smriti Excellence award 2019
  • Dr Kafeel Khan received "Award of the year on World Human Rights Day" in Ludhiana, Punjab 
  • Dr Kafeel Khan was awarded by 'APJ Abdul Kalam Global Peace Award' in Bangalore, Karnataka.
Internationally his efforts have been acknowledged by various media agencies and journals such as BRITISH MEDICAL JOURNAL wrote this article (Indian paediatrician arrested over deaths of dozens of children gets bail after the campaign to free him)

Updates - Activities

  • 17th November 2019 - Dr Kafeel Khan was awarded with Dr Kalam Smriti Excellence award 2019
  • 3rd October 2019 - Around a week after an internal inquiry absolved Khan of the major charges against him in the 2017 BRD hospital tragedy, the UP Govt on 3rd October 2019, asserted that Dr Khan had not been given a clean chit as yet. Moreover, a fresh departmental inquiry has been initiated against him for spreading "misinformation" about the probe report and for making "anti-government" political comments during the period of his suspension. The State has also rapped Dr Khan for "causing panic" by attempting to treat patients by forcibly entering the paediatric department of district hospital Bahraich with "three, four outsiders" on September 22, 2018.


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