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Know about Khap people and Khap panchayats

Its really very sad to hear such rude, harsh and even some abusive words against Khaps by the news channels these days. India has around 3 crores Khaps. But still, Media channels treating them like they are the only illiterate and ignorant people in the world. They are a huge community and they are strictly following some strong rituals which for the current scenario don't suit at all, but that doesn't give us a reason to abuse them for their cultures and traditions. It's their own traditions they are following and we don't have any right to abuse them publicly. It's true some of their decisions are wrong and very outdated, those rules should not be practised anymore. But who gave us this authority to say that they are not human or they don't have a brain to think. It's their tradition which they are following, they should not be explicitly guided to come over their tradition all of a sudden. What I think is they need to understand the current situ