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10 laws that shaped the Republic of India

In the beginning, laws were about laying the Republic’s infrastructure. As it matured over the years, laws reflected the sophistication of its superstructure. If a law passed in the early years was meant to realize the basic promise of holding free and fair elections, a recent one was designed to make the system more transparent and accountable. The evolution of laws tells its own tale about the 70-year-old Republic. 1. Fleshing out democracy The Election Commission of India was constituted on January 25, 1950, just a day before the Constitution came into force. It is no coincidence that the Indian republic’s first major legislative measure was to implement its Constitutional commitment to usher in the universal adult franchise. What has fleshed out the world’s biggest ever experiment in democracy is a set of two laws bearing the same name, which was borrowed from Britain, the Representation of the People Acts 1950 and 1951. While the 1950 Act laid down the procedure and machin

unseen one

while i was on the corner, they were livening up. so stood to their legs as wow, one day too i could be, mesmerising them by my view. an untold an unseen. always excused,forgiven. wat a taste, what a revival. who had dared to think. complete stunned posture. seen on those eyes who rejoiced. now its me, to juice up ur glasses. empowering the confidence, leaving behind far, those archival collection. living the life of nparalelled. what was unseen, is now a must seen. creating a gallery, to be patronised creating a history to be re written. ataul haque