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Financial capital of India Mumbai

Haji Ali Dargah Mumbai Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus, CST Mumbai the capital of Maharashtra, most populated city of india with the population comprising more than 12 million as of 2005. it is also among the most populous city of the world ranking 6th. the city has a deep natural harbour which is the largest port in western india. the port handles over half of India's passenger and the significant amount of cargo. mumbai is the financial capital of india and it houses the reserve bank of india, SEBI, national stock exchange, Bombay stock exchange and national headquarters of many multinational companies. it attracts migrants from all over the world for its immense business opportunities, high standard of living and it's connectivity to the global world. one of the most famous parts of Mumbai is its Bollywood(the Hindi cinema). It is one of the few cities in the world which accommodate a national park within the city, named Sanjay Gandhi national park. Mumbai wh

google plus tips and tricks

Google plus the latest social network by Google Inc. though the site is too easy to use if grasped, but it sometimes may prove to be very difficult to some of the experienced and unexperienced users. so here i have given an image which may help some of those users who feel difficulty in handling this google plus social site. and also i have given some tips and tricks for this site users. google plus tips and tricks

Insensible Indian television media

Indian News Channels If you ask, which is the strongest organization in India? with no doubt, anyone can say it's our media, be it print media or the TV media. these TV media specially, for increasing their TRP's are showing so insensible and baseless things that, anyone go irritated seeing them. NEWS what they really mean, that they are presenting news bulletin, specially there special one's prime time reports. "SHAHRUKH NE KIYA SHARMSAR" by going to the party thrown by Katrina kaif on her birthday, what the hell? as if these tv reporters had stopped having their lunch and dinner after the mumbai blast. yeah we know, this blast really mean a lot to the nation. and we are really feeling bad about it. but life never ends it goes on. even if you go to opera house, or Jhaveri Baazar very few are there really worried and had stopped everything. They now has retraced back to normal, but when these media will back to normal is still in doubt. Is it all due to the f

india's GSAT 12 Launched

gsat 12 communication satellite sdsc pslv c 17 sriharikota indian space research organization ISRO launched the GSAT 12 through PSLV c17. this GSAT 12 is the most advanced satellite launched by india till today. the best part of this launch is that, it was completely indigenous and no other foreign technology has been used. this was launched by satish dhavan space center from sriharikota.this was the 18th successful launch of PSLV (polar satellite launch vehicle). this satellite GSAT 12 is a communication satellite. "PSLV-C17 launch has been a success," ISRO chairman K Radhakrishnan said. "We have achieved an orbit just 8 km away from the one planned. In the next half an hour we will get information on the health of the satellite." GSAT-12, weighing 1,410 kg at lift-off, is configured to meet the country's growing demand for transponders in a short turnaround time. It will boost television broadcasting and various other communication services like tele-e

Google Quiz

who are the founders of google home page? Ans: Larry Page and Sergey Brin. Who took over Larry Page as the new CEO of Google? Ans: Sundar Pichhai Which is the parent company of Google? Ans: Alphabet is the parent company of Google. Alphabet is headed by Larry Page. When did Google launched its project loon? Ans: Project Loon was officially announced as Google project on 14th of June 2013.

oh it's sunday darling!!

The birds left the branches pushing back,  Splashed rays, spread the redness all over sky,  Hovering the earth, flying with wings, waiting brie A window opened, curtain unveiled, lowered the sun over face. Come on, you darling wake up its day on. Fingers creeping upon the sheet, lowering the darkest gaze, Oh babe! It’s Sunday!! Let’s have a full day sleep. Oh cum’on!! It’s daily routine darling. Hmm, coming babe, come and take me up this cum!! Senses on, her sensation gave a reviving touch, Pulled hands,she fell and covered me up. Fight turns silly whisper, slowly fade the weakest murmurs. Again, the creeping started, back to dreams, back to life, Hmm this time it’s again with my wife .

price rise VS politics !!!

Price rise! Wat an issue? Rise of 3 rupees A litre in diesel and Rs 50/- in LPG gave the opposition to celebrate this with dramabazis in their own style, jaya roasting roti on sadak and BJP dumping cylinders. And many dramas. Whats most shocking with the politicians of india, is that these few politicians are so capable of convincing the multi crore citizens, that they convince the people the way they want. people believing their bhashanbazis,forget the real problem they are facing. If u cover the topology of india, u will find that its really very very few people, who are really troubled with this price rise. The rise of price which is eating up their mind is in education sector. Education the most basic thing in todays world is kept separated from the majority of population. I am talking about higher education, fees of private and even some govt. Institutions are not so reasönabe that a middle class family can afford. Prices and regularity of electricity is never given a heed by the