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A poem for a disheartened heart

Nasaaj to nahi par who jazbat kam the Mohabbat to thi, par unke ehsas kam the. Unki angdayiyon ko dekhte kho to jate the par chhukar mehsus kar sake inke ehtaram kam the Aashikon ke fehrisht mein naam hamara bhi tha Kabhi hum zinda-dil the, kabhi unka hi sahara tha…. Jaane kya manjoor tha khuda ko, Shayad naam pe hi koi dard chhupa rakha tha Naam na len to bhi galt hain, jo naam len to bhi kahan sahi Koi marz itna gehra kaise ho sakta tha, Dil bhi tha maine nikal diya, jane sine mein chubhan kiska tha Ab to aankhen band ho jayen, ji chahta hai Ya to who humein wahida mil jayen, ya milne ka ehsaas bhi na ho!!! (wahida- ek / puri ki puri is context mein)

Some thoughts which is difficult to digest

If you happen to go with the going wind, you will find it toughest to go against it. No one can have an easy go with the life, without facing a struggle into it.  The more easy way you try finding, life lets you go to the more difficult passage. We bother much for our uneasiness, but forget to thank, when it gets over.  If you are successful now then in some span of time, you have been the biggest failure.  Life sees to every bit of our activity, we fail to notice it, we realize it only when unfavorable part arrives.  What is that we don't know, its nothing!! ~ Bit philosophical, analyze it deeply. When we realize what we had? Its when, we  destroy it. Am I a hypocrite? toughest to answer!! ~ may differ with some opinions What you love to see, may not be present around you, but you never leave searching.                                                  All the above thoughts are copyright under the name of author.