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Founder of Google News Krishna Bharat

In my endeavor to let you know about Indians who made us proud by their works, and Indians who are known for their exceptional services and products in the world, will introduce you, with none other than the founder of Google News Krishna Bharat. Krishna popularly known as "news guy" hails from Bangalore, India. 
Krishna did his schooling from St. Joseph's Boys' High School, then he went for graduation in Computer science from prestigious IIT Madras (1987 - 1991). After graduation he moved to US and did Ph.D in Human Computer Interaction  at Georgia Tech, Atlanta, US.  Krishna Bharat is currently the principal Research Scientist at Google Inc. He leads a team of R&D in Bangalore center which he had founded in the year 2004 and he also  heads the team of 'Google News' Product at Google US.
Krishna is also known for his popular search Algorithm, 'Hilltop Algorithm', he got the patent for his algorithm along with Google, his algorithm Hilltop is bel…

Epic Privacy browser from HiddenReflex by Alok Bhardwaj

Have you heard of Epic Privacy browser yet? If not, you must by now. One of the best browser from Indian origin founders. Epic Privacy Browser which launched on 29th August 2013 is the latest chromium-based browser which has considered all kinds of privacy concerns.
The epic browser was first launched on 15th July 2010, that was a bulky browser with lots and lots of features on the browser itself. But this time the browser has switched from Mozilla Firefox to Chromium and is very light and loaded with almost nothing which can track your data. The primary focus of the Epic privacy browser is to keep the user's info and data fully private and protected from the vulnerable internet structure. On browsing through Epic Privacy browser you are not leaving any trace of your surfing activity to any of the sites, even if they try it through cookies or session tracking. The epic browser provides a one-click facility to switch to the proxy server which is powered by Spotflux. Through this, …

Color Pencil Art

Here are some beautiful arts and drawings of Devs Creative Horizon.

Indian Social networking website WorldFloat launches news and image search feature

WorldFloat one of the fastest growing social network in India, launched in June 2012 has now around 30 million users and is expected to grow more in coming days with it's new and unique feature implementations.

WorldFloat CEO and founder Pushkar Mahatta announced two major features launched on the site. The social networking will now have NEWS search feature, which will allow the users to search for real time NEWS across the world sorted according to the time of NEWS published. That is the users can search for real time NEWS published for a particular search keyword. This NEWS feature is like the Google NEWS and Yahoo! NEWS feature, but this will be unique of its kind in India and also this is for the first time that any social networking site would be having a NEWS search feature on the site itself.

Another major feature which Pushkar Mahatta announced is the image search capability of the site. Users can search for images through images, which Google already has, but what make …

Fastest growing Indian Social Networking Website Agryd

Agryd or "Always grow your dream" is a newly launched Indian social networking website with multiple features integrated on a single platform. Agryd was launched with the aim to provide premium functionality integrated over a single social platform, it aims to help users to connect with other Peoples.
Agryd gives people the power to share and makes the world more open and connected..
Agryd was launched in the month of March 2013, that is around 7 months old and by now the site has 300k+ members on it.

The site gets around 6000+ visitors daily and the visitors mainly come from China and India. One of the best features of the site is its Blogging feature, due to which it was able to get around 11,596 backlinks till the day, this post getting published.
Below are few features of Agryd that stands out of all other Indian social networking websites:
1) Ideas & Information Sharing: Agryd offers you the best ideas and information sharing platform. You could share your thought…

Painting on Salts

A painting is something which relates to creativity and here is one such creativity which you would not like to miss. A Painting by Devs Creative Horizon
 A painting on Salts: See the creativity.

Painting on Egg Shells

You must have heard of painting on rice grains, leaves, vegetables and on many day today use items. Here is one such painting by Devs Creative Horizon on Egg Shells.

The painting depicts a penguin on Egg Shells.

A soulful Art

A painting dedicated: Justice to the Delhi Gang rape Victim

Delhi Gang rape, 16th December 2012, which shook the whole world and made humanity feel regretted of it's existence. The case also showed the diminishing characteristic of humanity.
It's around 9 months after the brutal incident the Delhi girl got partial justice as only 4 out of 6 rapists got convicted and has been sentenced to death.

Here is one Painting created by Devs Creative Horizon marking the verdict a success for our Judicial System.

Know about Bharat Ratna MS Subbulkashmi

Bharat Ratna Carnatic Singer MS Subbulakshmi's 97th Birthday was celebrated by Google with a dedicated Doodle on 16th September 2013.

MS was the first woman recipient of the Ramon Magsaysay Award in the year 1974 and she also became the first musician to get the highest civilian award in India, Bharat Ratna in the year 1998. MS Subbulakshmi who is popularly known as MS died at the age of 88 in the year 2004, she died on 11th December 2004.

Awards and Recognition 1954 - Padma Bhushan1956 - Sangeet Natak Academy award1968 - Sangeet Kalanidhi1975 - Padma Vibhushan1988 - Kalidas Samman 19881990 - Indira Gandhi award for national integration MS was an ardent devotee of Jagadguru Kanchi Mahaswamigal and she rendered his composition "Maithreem Bhajatha" (O World! Cultivate peace) in her concert at the UN in 1966.

Creative Side of Dev

Here are two creativeness by Devs Creative Horizon .
A Painting of Lord Ganesha and other a Photograph Clicked and tricked.

Mallika Sherawat finds something different in Narendra Modi

'The Bachelorette India - Khayalon Ki Mallika' the new TV reality show going to be aired on Life OK Channel, probably by Oct 7. The show will be hosted by Ronit Roy and the super hot actress Mallika Sherawat, turned 36 this year will be finding her match out of 30 Indian contestants. The show is a copy of International dating reality show 'The Bachelor'.

Mallika Sherawat who is known for her gimmicks, publicity stunts to promote her upcoming movies this time also gone for a cheap publicity stunt naming the most popular political leader in the country Narendra Modi exactly reverse of her age 63 to be the most eligible bachelor in the country.

There is a saying in Hindi "Nanga nahayega kya nichodega kya", she has nothing to hide and nothing to make out of her anymore, so has to go for something out of her, and this time chose the most successful Chief Minister of Gujarat Narendra Modi for her show's publicity.

Go ahead Mallika, your show will be a hit, jus…

Taj Mohammed Rangrez first KBC 7 Crorepati

Taj Mahammed Rangrez of Udaipur became the first contestant to win 1 crore on the sets of KBC 7.
Taj Mohammed Rangrez a history teacher from the city of Lakes Udaipur, has now become the first Crorepati of season 7 of Kaun Banega Crorepati hosted by Megastar Amitabh Bachchan.
The show in which Taj Mohammed Rangrez won its first crore aired on 15th September 2013.

Taj Mohammed on being asked by the Megastar Amitabh Bachchan, "What will you do with the prize money?", Taj said he will help his partially blind daughter to get treated, buy a house, educate three more underprivileged girls and will help in the marriage of two orphan children.

Taj Mohammed Rangrez has been teaching History to the Fatehgarh school children for 10 years now and still want to continue his profession thereafter becoming crorepati at KBC set.

Rangrez had thought of to save his lifelines for later questions and he did the same till the 9th question where he took his first lifeline.

Know about the Most influential Indian in the Digital World - Pranav Mistry

Pranav Mistry is truly the most influential Indian in the digital world, here is why Namaste India think so.

Pranav Mistry appointed as the CEO and President of Samsung Technology and Advanced Research (STAR) labs on 26th October 2019.He was the Director of Samsung research America and the head of Think Tank Team (TTT) of Samsung. Pranav had joined Samsung as VP back in 2012.Pranav is the inventor of Sixth sense technology, he had developed this technology at MIT Labs.Pranav is also the inventor of the first 3D pen which can draw 3D images.Creator of TaPuMa a map which acts as Google of the physical world.Quickies an intelligent sticky note, that you can search, set a reminder and even send messagesBlinkbot - Gaze and blink controlled a robot
Pranav Mistry has innumerable of inventions under his name.

A video on his innovation TaPuMa below:
And most recently Samsung's Galaxy Gear, a SmartWatch, Pranav is the man behind this latest gadget's innovation.

A 33-year guy who also h…

Charcoal Art by Devs Creative Horizon

Charcoal Art by Devs Creative Horizon.

Sushmita Banerjee execution an un-Islamic act of Taliban Militant

Sushmita Banerjee the author of "Kabuliwalar Bengali bou" executed by Taliban militants raised a question on the credibility of their faith on Islam. In no condition an unarmed and a woman who is working for the healthcare of women should be executed under any sharia laws of Islams. How come they can kill a woman dragging her out of her home, in front of their family members. Is this kind of execution mentioned anywhere in Qura'n Sharif or any liable book of hadiths. I fully doubt on their Islamic faith, if Taliban has done this execution, then in no circumstances I or even any other Islamic man can trust their faith on Islam. Islam has never permitted any execution of this kind.

Sushmita Banerjee a Bengali Indian, who converted to Islam as Sayed Kamala, married to Jaanbazkhan a businessman in Paktika province of Afghanistan got executed on 4th of September 2013. The lady had earlier been on the radar of Taliban's militants because of her book "Kabuliwalar Beng…

Official websites and verified accounts of celebrities

I think the word 'fake' would have got popular with celebrities only. Today the most difficult thing on the internet is to get the real and official websites and verified accounts of celebrities or popular leaders. Many people masquerade celebrities look-alike websites to get visits on the name of celebrities. Since Websites can't have in particular a verified tick symbol like in, or on

Many people searching for real celebrity Blogs, lands upon some fake sites claiming to be the celebrity and leak out their important info and details to those fake site owners who sell those data to marketers. So, we @Namaste India, thought to give the real accounts of famous Indian people, Indian Celebrities and some political leaders.

Check out the websites or accounts concerned in the list:

Note: @ Symbol is used for twitter accounts.

Amitabh Bachchan - @SrBachchan   Blog:
Shahrukh Khan - @iamsrk

Is Jumpbook Social networking website a scam

No, definitely a big 'NO', if you happen to thought this because the site is not responding, or unable to open or getting crashed or some other errors you get, it is not because the site is a scam or Google has banned the site, but it is because of the site getting into new servers.
Jumpbook is on trend now and is almost on dozen of the news portals, got around 60,000+ visitors on a single day (2nd Sept'13), that made the site non-responsive, so you may have to wait for the site to respond.

We talked to the founder of Jumpbook relating to crashes reports and non-responsive reports for Jumpbook, and Nilay Singh one of the co-founders of Jumpbook informed us about the server upgrade they are doing now. He also informed about the media reports, mostly due to Yahoo news report where Jumpbook was on-trend, due to which site getting huge traffic and hence got crashed because the previous server was not capable of handling these many users at a single point of time.

Nilay and An…