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Unscrupulous kings of India

Hatia station in Jharkhand Mahadev-high school principal of manoharpur, near Rourkela. Tyagi Nath-smart and brilliant sant. Mahadev waiting for the auto to leave for Hatia, a man holding a Trishul came and sat beside and asked Mahadev about the auto’s destination. Mahadev in his very soft voice replied Hatia. And then sant asked Mahadev where Mahadev is going? Mahadev again in his soft voice replied manoharpur. Sant convinced Mahadev that he has been to manoharpur some days ago. Then sant told his story of different visits to states. Sant gave his Trishul to Mahadev to hold. Mahadev felt obliged to hold Trishul. Sant told Mahadev it’s only due to god wish that we met. Mahadev replied to sant that he had a daydream of meeting a mahant on his way to manoharpur. Suddenly sant face gets glorified. Sant then asked Mahadev about his problems he facing these days. and at last, convinced him that we will meet again. And this time sant took out a Zaifal and gave it to Mahadev to keep. This