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chal chal abhi, paa lein sabhi - Hindi Poem

Kyun Zindagi hairan hai, kehti mujhe pareshan hai,   kal tak to yahan dhoop thi, yun aaj kyun, yahan chhaon hai,   aaj chal kahin, mushkil sahi manzil bhi ab, hai saamne khadi   raahe sahin, hum bhi sahi. chal chal abhi, paa lein sabhi   humse koyi, kahan janbaaj hai. hum hi din, hum hi raat hain   humse bada nahi koyi, tufaan hai. humse juda, koyi kahan andaaz hai.

Self proclaimed spiritual leader Asaram Bapu

Asaram Bapu born as Sirumalani on April 17, 1941 is a self proclaimed spiritual leader. Asaram Bapu has been involved to a number of cases, but one can term this unfortunate for the judiciary of India that, baba like this who says the rape victim to be equally guilty as the rapist, who has been accused in killing his own Sadhak Raju Chandhak and has been regarded co-accused in killing two young boys of 10 and 11 years old is still free. This baba Asaram Bapu has been practicing Tantric rituals and has been into many malpractices which is considered to be crime by judiciary of India, but still he is free and there are people who still follow him, may be because of improper proves and witnesses. It is because of some handful of people those who get direct benefit from these babas that, these babas are still enjoying which they should never be. Asaram Bapu has been criticized not only by women for talking explicit contents but recently by Media when he showed his biased nature towards

Salman Khan who made education easy for everyone

+salman khan   or Sal Khan or Sally, by whatever name you can remember him, print him in your brain, whichever seems easy to you. Salman Khan which I think easy to me will be using in the coming lines of this article. Sal Khan is like this only, he make things easy so that anyone can understand. Salman Khan is a Bengali American, his father is from Barisal, Bangladesh and Mother from Kolkata, India. Salman Khan was working with Hedge funds when he found his cousin who though brilliant unable to grasp her class courses, because of some class she bunked earlier.  Salman Khan then started teaching his cousin through Skype and she picked the things easily. He was then advised by some of his friend to upload his interacting videos in which he is teaching the things by making the concepts so easy to grasp. Salman Khan by analyzing the fact that human brain likes accepting things in small packets, he used to upload small videos of 10 minutes which was that time (2006) allowed to upload on