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Why do we say Bless you, when someone sneezes

When do we use these words? more often when a person sneezes. But why do we say "bless you"? Let's explore the reason. In the year 1665-66 in England, there happened a great plague. It was a Bubonic plague which is usually transmitted through the bite of an infected rat. This plague was so barbaric that it took almost 10,000 lives i.e. about 15% of the population of England. The final - fatal symptom of the Black Death was Sneezing and Coughing. So when a person sneezed, people surrounding him, blessed him by saying - "Bless you" (so that you are not suffering from the Great Black Death). This word was used so frequently that it became a fashion and the next generation started following the same without being aware of the actual reason. The description of the Great Black Death is even described in a nursery rhyme which we sang while playing. can u guess the rhyme? I will give you a hint - " it has a line - we all fall down" Yes. It is -"

Agryd launched its Android Mobile Application

Agryd the most popular Indian social networking website has launched its android mobile application this New Year. Agryd has embedded special functionality and features to its android application. With this mobile application, besides normal functionality of website, users can enjoy several other exciting features. This application offers features like friend finder, location reminder, speed tracker, free text messaging, voice and video calling. For all the features internet connectivity is a must. Friend Finder : It tells you the current location of your friend. This tool does live tracking with the help of GPS. This tool is helpful for parents as they could take care of their child by having a watch over them with this application. Location Reminder: It is a very useful tool for those people who are forgetful. This application reminds about the work to be done once user come in the circumference of 500 meter of that location. In order to get reminder, user just have to s

Happy New Year 2014

Happy New Year 2014. Google Doodle.