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Truth behind the sanctity of river Ganga

Why Ganges river water or "Ganga Jal" is believed and considered pure and holy? According to some, Ganga water or Ganga Jal don't get inflicted to fungi or other pathogens. There are numbers of claims that Ganges water doesn't cause any illness, it does have healing power, some also gives examples of miraculous nature of Ganges water. River Ganga What's the truth behind these claims of never inflicting water of Ganges? lets's get the views of different scholars from different backgrounds over this topic. Some people say, it's because of the river bed of the Ganges, which is radioactive in nature. According to them there lie radioactive substances in the river bed of the Ganges which actually don't allow causative viruses, fungi or bad bacteria to grow or multiply and hence water remains free of pathogens. They say the radioactive substance lies very much deep, due to which the harmful radioactive substances get weaken so much that, they

One of the best paintings from Dev

Dev is an sketch artist from Nayagarh, Odisha, India. His sketches are fine tuned and very cleverly portrayed with minimum resources. His art are now well known and loved by many around the globe. Here are some from the bucket of his infinite imaginations: Hope. When nothing is there with us. then a new beginning starts with a new hope. Devs Creative Horizon .

Some meaningful Sketches by Dev which has lot to convey

Sketches are the most beautiful form of communication and are also considered to be the oldest form of communication. The thoughts and messages conveyed through sketches leave a deep impact on the receiver's mind. Sketches are something in which sender encrypts a message by embroidering each and every word of it, through a brush or pencil. The sketches may convey a different meaning to the different receiver according to the receivers way of observing the art. One of my very close friends is a sketch artist, he is a passionate sketch maker. He can sketch almost anything in the world. But his favourite one is from the wild imaginations he has. Here are some of his wild imaginations: Have a look. What this sketch says according to the sketch artist himself. Your arms were always open when I needed a hug. Your heart understood when I needed a friend. Your gentle eyes were stern when I needed a lesson. Your strength and love has guided me and gave me wings to fly. LOVE YOU

Some deep thoughts to light up your mood

These are some pics having some deep thoughts, but again helps you make your mood light. Here are some: God created good people Value of money

Some must to know facts about Shirdi Sai Baba

facts about Shirdi Sai Baba SABKA MAALIK EK!! Meaning there is only one God. So, true!, Really there is only one god and that’s within you. Go through any number of books, holy books, history books, references almost every scholar, every saint, every peer baba or anyone whom you and people believed and trusted, used to say, that God is one and god lives within you. It’s you who can make your god come alive within you. Sai Baba is not different, he whole his life said one thing, call your god, that lives inside you and that God is one. God lives in everyone. I’m really feeling very contented today while writing this article, I’m very much convinced and feeling devoted. Let me allow to take you to some series of stories about Shirdi Ke Sai Baba, Sai. Why do people crave to go to Shirdi? What is so special about a remote village in Maharashtra? Many devotees aspire to start the first day of the year in the auspicious presence of Baba? What is it in the aura of Shirdi tha

lesser known facts about India

India (Republic of India; Bharat Ganrajya) is a country in the south-east of Asia. India is the 7th largest country in the world and 2nd largest in population just after China. It covers an area spanning 3.3 million square km. Capital of India is New Delhi . Official Language of India is Hindi and English. The Constitution of India came into being on 26th January 1950. The Indian Legislature comprises of the Lok Sabha and the Rajya Sabha forming both the Houses of the Parliament. The Supreme Court of India is the apex body of the Indian legal system Telephone Code is +91 The coastline of India comprises 7516.6 km encompassing the mainland, Lakshadweep Islands, and the Andaman & Nicobar Islands. Highest Point in Indian is Kanchenjunga i;e 8,598 meters. The National Flag is the horizontal tricolour of deep saffron (केसरिया) at the top, white in the middle, and dark green at the bottom in equal proportion. At the centre of the white band is a navy blue wheel, which is a r

Swami Vivekananda - Cyclonic Monk of India

Swami Vivekanand “Sisters and Brothers of America” a speech which changed the life of millions and still changing, that kind of grandeur, that kind of orator he was ( "He is an Orator by divine right" ,As hailed by New York critique on September 11, 1893.) A man who learned and then believed the existence of God, a man who believed his religion and taught many others, why he followed, Swami Vivekanand . Swami Vivekanand was born as Narendra Nath Datta in Calcutta, West Bengal on 12th Jan 1863 into a Bengali family. His father Vishwanath Datta was a famous lawyer and mother Bhuvaneshwari Devi was deeply induced into spirituality. Swami Vivekanand House in Chennai Vivekananda House Gallery Vivekanand House near Marina Beach, Chennai He was the disciple of Ramakrishna and he learned a lot from him. He learned that all living beings are the embodiment of divine self and service to god can be rendered by service to mankind. Swami Vivekanand was the supr

Vaastu Shastra - A Science or Fiction

According to Vaastushastra ,you can keep your head in East or South direction while sleeping. East direction is suggested as Hindus worship Lord Soorya (Sun) and there is tradition of not showing your feet to someone reverend and the reason behind South direction is Electromagnetic Field. Researches show that human body has some amount of current in it. If you touch edges of Ammeter using your fingertips, the needle is moved , this shows that our body has some amount of current across it.This is because blood flows in our body which has electrons in it and current flows in opposite direction of electrons. So, this induces a small amount of current in the human body. Every substance which has electric charge associated to it, has some magnetic field associated to it due to electromagnetic field. What is an electromagnetic field? It is a physical field produced by electrically charged objects. This is combination of electric and magnetic field.The electric field is produced by st

कहीं दूर हूँ, कहाँ हूँ, क्यूँ हूँ

कभी दर्या के औंधे में बैठे लहरों के हित्कोले निहारते ज़मीं और आसमान के फासले तय करते ख्वाबों में गुम हो जाऊं  !! कभी मंजिल के पास जाते कभी यूँही बुदबुदाते गुनगुनाते मैं और मेरी परछाई हमेशा साथ रहते !! महफिलें ... फासलों दूर बैठे हैं ना मैं उनको नज़र आऊं, ना मैं उन्हें देख पाऊं !! यह रंगीनियत आई तो है, पर वजह मैं नहि। मैं अकेला ही भला हूँ खुद्में कितना खुश सा हूँ !! कोई अनकही याद आती है कोई शाम मुझको बुलाती है खफा क्यूँ हूँ यह नहीं जानता मुझे इश्क है खुदसे बस इसी लम्हे में मुझे रहने दो। मैं शायद ऐसा ही हूँ या मुझे बनना ही था ऐसा ना जानने की आबरू है ना जुस्तजू किसी की है कहीं दूर हूँ, कहाँ हूँ, क्यूँ हूँ कब तक हूँ, अब इसकी परवाह नहीं बस हूँ। जिंदा हूँ। खुश हूँ। 

Challenges of India’s Development Story

"Abundant Foodgrain Stocks, Ample Foreign Exchange Reserves and Poverty: Addressing the Challenges of India’s Development Story"  “Where the mind is without fear and the head is held high, Into that heaven of freedom, my Father, let my country awake.”  These lines echo only in poems by great poets, but in reality every single Indian has three basic needs “ROTI, KAPDA AUR MAKAAN”, meaning: food, shelter and clothing. In the story of India’s development,many challenges have occurred.These challenges are divided into four types:Priority Of Sustainence,Priority Of Stability,Priority Of Technology,Division Of Strategy. Owing to the large population of India which is not organized properly, sustenance becomes first priority as challenge of India’s development.Though India is an agro-based country, enough of food is not available for poor.An average Indian witnesses beggars sleeping on streets almost everyday.Poor people have no place they can call home.A prodigal child wear

Arunima Sinha first Indian amputee to climb Mt Everest

Arunima Sinha First amputee to Climb Mt. Everest "Himmat-e-Marda to madad-e- Khuda" God help those, who help themselves. You never know, what's going next and what may happen to your life, next moment? This life is full of unexpected tides, tides of happiness, tides of sorrowfulness.  And this is common to all, everyone suffers these high and low tides in their life. Today I'm going to write a story, which is really a benchmark in inspiration, motivation, goal setting or anything you like to get from this. Story of a 25-year-old girl Arunima Sinha, who resisted chain snatching in a train (Padmati Express), Arunima who was travelling from Lucknow to Delhi that time in a general compartment of that train on 12th April 2011. She had never thought of anything like this, could happen to her, she was thrown out of a running train. Arunima suffered serious injuries in her legs and pelvic region. Somehow she was rushed to a nearby hospital and her life saved, but her l

3D-Gesture sensing or touch free technology developed by Indian Girl Andrea Colaco

(Source MIT Media Lab) Andrea Colaco  India is full of Talents, there is no doubt in it. Yesterday only I introduced you with Intel Foundation's Innovator of the year 2013 award winner young lady Eesha Khare, who had developed a tiny device which can aide cellphone batteries to charge them in 20-30 secs and also increases the batteries life by 10 times. And today will introduce you to another dynamic and ambitious MITian  +Andrea Colaco . Andrea Colaco is a Goan girl (South Goa-Velim) who second in her Xth Board from Margao's Fatima Convent High School and then topped her XIIth board with 96.17%, her cent per cent scores in physics, Chemistry and Biology are still unbroken. Andrea then did her under-graduation from BITS Pilani in 2007 and is also the recipient of Goa Scholars award for her master degree in +MIT in 2010. Andrea is currently doing her PhD in MIT. What Andrea Colaco actually did? Andrea has won MIT $100K entrepreneurship competition for her Innovation whi

Eesha Khare developed a tiny device that charges cellphone batteries in 20 seconds

An Indian American (NRI) girl + Eesha Khare  who is 18 this year has developed a tiny device called super-capacitor , which aides in charging cell phones batteries within 20 to 30 seconds. The so-called super-capacitor also hold the charges for long, hence batteries do not die out early. This tiny device also increases the charge-recharge cycle of batteries from conventional 1000 times to remarkable 10,000 times. For this great breakthrough, Intel foundation awarded her Young scientist award for the year 2013 . Eesha Khare who is an Indian-American now lives in Saratoga, California. According to her the reason for developing this device was the daily problem she used to face when her cellphone battery used to die out. So, she started studying  nano-chemistry  and did research on this subject for developing the device. Till now the device has been tested for LED lights and other small devices using less charging, but it is very much hope that this device would work better in cellp

Free Voice for Homosexuality in India

Even today it is considered a taboo to be gay . Many fancy gays’ as mere confusion, forget about accepting the sexual orientation. These days since the passing of section 377, homosexuality seems to be the new talk of the town. Initially, hardly did people know what it actually meant. So, how did homosexuality come along? What actually is this? These are curiosities emerging in every other mind believe it or not. Sexual preferences are usually hormonal and emerge right from puberty. Some say a tragic incident happened in past can affect your orientation some others fancy it being a disease and the rest so-called ‘straight’ people just loathe gays. And by gay I mean homosexual men, women, not to forget even bisexuals and transgender. Love all; Serve all is not just a saying. It’s a message by God to mankind asking them to love every being. Homosexuality existed way before today and this is evident in Kamasutra book wherein the mention of sexual positions between g

Pioneer of Blogging in India Tony John

Tony M John Today, I am introducing  Tony John , one of the early bloggers, an inspiration to thousands of new bloggers and a pioneer of blogging industry in India. He is the founder of the #1 Indian Educational Site India Study Channel and many other popular websites. Tony John has a number of popular websites. Some of the most popular websites he owns are , , and Background According to his personal website, he was born into a middle-class family in Malayattoor, Kerala, India. He studied in a Malayalam medium school and achieved heights in English blogging through his hard work and dedication. During early stages, he struggled a lot and went abroad after the death of his father to make enough money for his family of mother, sisters and a bother. He started his first website to combat loneliness when he was living in the USA, away from his family. Also, he was reported to have started an online .NET tutor

Facts behind the ritual Ardhya

Many of us know that there is a ritual of giving ARDHYA to Surya daily and also in festivals like MAKAR SANKRANTI, KUMBH MELA, CHHATH. But do u really know what is the reason behind this spiritual process? Let me tell u the secret behind why and how saints connected this to our life by using basics of PHYSICS and BIOLOGY. The basic idea behind ARDHYA is the phenomena of dispersion (PHYSICS) and Chakras, Kundalini Jagran(Meditation and Biology). What is the dispersion? Dispersion is the phenomena in which white light is distributed in bands of different wavelengths. What are Chakras? Chakras, in Hindu metaphysical tradition and other belief systems, are centres of Prana, life force, or vital energy. Chakras correspond to vital points in the physical body i.e. major plexuses of arteries, veins and nerves. There are 21 chakras in our body, of which 7 are major. Their details are on the pic given below. Ritual Ardhya What is Kundalini Jagran? In yoga, a "corpor

First professional and also the best Blogger in India Amit Agarwal

The photograph was taken from the Facebook profile of Amit Agarwal +Amit Agarwal the undisputed king of Blogosphere in India is also the first professional +Blogger  from India. He is the highest-paid Blogger in India by +Google. He is also the only Blogger in India who has been awarded most for his Blogging works. Amit Agarwal holds an Engineering degree in Computer Science from IIT. Before coming into Blogging as a full-timer, he had worked at ADP Inc. till 2004, then he left his job and became the first-ever professional Blogger of India. Amit Agarwal is the author of Digital Inspiration blog, this blog has won many awards and is the most popular tech Blog of India. +Digital Inspiration  is a blog which covers mostly the technical stuff that is about computer tips and tricks, computer software, gadgets and other applications available on the internet. He often writes for some print media like the +Wall Street Journal India, + Outlook Magazine, + The Hindustan Times, +CNN

Religion is what serves humanity

Religions in India For many religions is confined as being Hindu, Muslim, Catholic, Buddhism or Jainism etc. But definition of religion implies it is a belief which aids in achieving some common goals. You can be religious for anything viz towards cricket, football, your favorite rock band. Why not, for Iron Maiden fans all over the world fancy themselves as fans, not as Hindu fans or Catholic fans or any other caste fans. They have a common goal, to cheer their band so that they get some great music to hear. This process unites people all over the world, special thanks to the rock shows held globally. Nobody cares about each other’s religion, coz Music becomes a religion to then and that unites people. Ultimate aim of creating religion was simple, TO SERVE HUMANITY. Yes religion in some way means as being divided into various castes. But a religion is not a religion if it destructs humanity. Even today, in many parts of the world wars take place in name of religion. Religion

Cuisines of India

Indian Cuisine Food, one of the many 4 letter words that brings a lot of ideas,experiences and desires in one's mind. As diverse is the heritage,culture lifestyle,belief and language of India, as diverse is the cuisine in its various parts. Like for different occasions one dresses up differently here,the also cuisine differs for various occasions seasons and events. Like the socialistic ideology of the government here,the cuisine also aims at benefiting all the people depending on it. Like the democracy in the Country, the choice of the cuisine is also democratic in almost every household. Cooking in India is not just considered as a work, it is an art.Many recipes could not be written down,procedures cannot be explained and the mystery behind the technique could not be known. Mothers of the household really use tsp or tbsp to add spices or seasoning, it is done merely with fingers.Such is the expertise that even when they are not cooking, they would know what and how

Metro Man of India E Sreedharan

Metro Man of India, E Sreedharan Elattuvalapil Sreedharan also popularly known as the "Metro Man of India is a   civil engineer. E. Sreedharan was the MD of Delhi Metro since 1995 to last year 2012. E. Sreedharan was born on 12 July 1932 in the   Palakkad district of Kerala. He completed his Civil Engineering course from the   Government Engineering College,   Kakinada, Andhra Pradesh. Before coming to Railway he was working as a lecturer in Civil Engineering at a government polytechnic college and he also worked as an apprentice at Bombay port trust. E. Sreedharan then came to Indian Railways Service of Engineers(IRSE), after clearing IES-53 conducted by UPSC. His first assigned there as a Probationary Assistant Engineer in December 1954 . He is also known for his commendable job for his rejuvenation work of “Pamban Bridge” which connects Rameshwaram to Mainland Tamil Nadu, the bridge had collapsed due to Cyclone in December 1964. He had completed his work wi

Spirituality in terms of humanity

Spirituality in terms of humanity Before taking you to the world of spirituality, I would like to give a glimpse of one of my favorite quote on Spirituality by ―   Steve Maraboli. “One of the most spiritual things you can do is embrace your humanity. Connect with those around you today. Say "i love you", "i'm sorry", "i appreciate you", "i'm proud of you"...whatever you're feeling. Send random texts, write a cute note, embrace your truth and share it...cause a smile today for someone else...and give plenty of hugs.”   Exactly, it’s about connecting the dots to serve you and thus serving humanity. It appears as a white snow to my mind, on speaking SPIRITUALITY Common man fancies a divine power or something religious, rather cosmic on bringing the spiritual topic. Youngsters these days get repelled by spirituality. Who has time to seek inner self, gain nirvana, attain soulful bliss? Ro

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Kow about an accomplished actor, theatre artist Dipanwit Dashmohapatra

Dipanwit Dashmohapatra (born: on 14th August 1995) is an Actor, Director and renowned theatre artist who mostly works for Odia theatre group. Dipanwit's latest Odia movie which released on November 4th 2022 is DAMaN  Dipanwit Dashmohapatra The early life of Dipanwit Dashmohapatra Dipanwit was born in the small town Soro, in Balasore, Odisha to father Jeetendra Dashmohapatra and mother Jyotsna Dashmohapatra. Dipanwit did his schooling at Ramakrishna Sikhshya Niketana, Soro & S.N High School, Soro, He did his +2 from U.N College, Soro. Dipanwit did his B.Tech in Electrical Engineering from ITER College, Bhubaneswar, affiliated with S'O'A University. Career B.Tech from ITER(S'O'A University) An active member of JEEVAN REKHA THEATRE GROUP, Bhubaneswar  The former member of Uttar Purush Theatre Group, Bhubaneswar. A former Core member of Toneelstuk: The Stage Piece (S'O'A Dramatics club) (2013-2017) Theatre artist Dipanwit Dashmohapatra

Know about multifaceted Odia Playback Singer Sandeep Panda

Sandeep Panda  (born: 23rd July 1995) is a singer, music composer, lyricist & producer, Sandeep mostly works for Odia film Industry. Sandeep Panda is one of the emerging new talents from odisha. Sandeep debuted with his own composed video song "Love - A mistake" which was released on OdiaOne channel, his cover of "Kalank" song has more than a million views. Sandeep Panda Early Life Born in a modest family to father Manoj Panda and mother Padmabati Mishra in Dhenkanal, started learning Hindustani classical at the age of 8 from guru Ganesh Mishra but later moved to Bhubaneswar. Though having classical background Sandeep likes making soft romantic and rock music. Sandeep gives a lot of credit to his father because he was the one who wanted him to be a singer. He started doing shows from the early age of 10 and soon he had numerous awards in his craft. After completion of B.Tech from GIFT Engineering College, Bhubaneswar he moved to Pune. During his

Know about Odia Poet Saqti Mohanty

Odia Poet and Storyteller Saqti Mohanty Saqti Mohanty , (born: 14th January 1974) in Jayabad, Jagatsinghpur, Odisha. Saqti Mohanty is an Actor, Poet, storyteller, writer and author of popular Odia storybook " Casino " and " Ardhasatya ".  Saqti is known for his poems with rich metaphors and similes. Saqti, a Physics enthusiast, has his own inimitable ways of seeing things. Time, instincts, relationships are the main ingredients of true joys in his poetic recipes which are immensely magnetic for connoisseurs of literature. Mr Mohanty, being a poet at heart, adds to his journey, quite a few translations of contemporary poets from Indian languages. With many regional and national recognitions, he has four poetry collections, three novellas and one short story collection to his credit. Few of his poems have been translated into Hindi, Bengali and Kannad as well. Early life Born in a modest family in Jayabad, Jagatsinghpur to father Bhabani P

Some must to know facts about Shirdi Sai Baba

facts about Shirdi Sai Baba SABKA MAALIK EK!! Meaning there is only one God. So, true!, Really there is only one god and that’s within you. Go through any number of books, holy books, history books, references almost every scholar, every saint, every peer baba or anyone whom you and people believed and trusted, used to say, that God is one and god lives within you. It’s you who can make your god come alive within you. Sai Baba is not different, he whole his life said one thing, call your god, that lives inside you and that God is one. God lives in everyone. I’m really feeling very contented today while writing this article, I’m very much convinced and feeling devoted. Let me allow to take you to some series of stories about Shirdi Ke Sai Baba, Sai. Why do people crave to go to Shirdi? What is so special about a remote village in Maharashtra? Many devotees aspire to start the first day of the year in the auspicious presence of Baba? What is it in the aura of Shirdi tha

Know all about Comedian Shraddha Jain

Shraddha Jain is a social media influencer and actor who is popular for her clean comedy videos. She is known as "Aiyyo Shraddha" on social media platforms, and her video on mass layoffs in the tech sector went viral. She recently met Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who greeted her with "Aiyyo" and surprised her with his sweet gesture. She lives in Bengaluru and is a self-employed comedian. Comedian Shraddha Jain Viral Laid-Off Video by Shraddha Jain View this post on Instagram A post shared by Shraddha (@aiyyoshraddha) Shraddha Jain chose to become a comedian after she made her acting debut with the web series 'Pushpavalli' in 2017. She also gained popularity on social media for her comedy content, especially her video on mass layoffs in the IT sector and other videos on the routine & mundane life of IT employees. She has also appeared in a commercial ad for Myntra, a fashion company, and a Bollywood film called 'Doctor G'.

Maneka Gandhi - Environmentalist, Animal Right Activist and a Parliamentarian

Maneka with her son Varun Gandhi Maneka with Mrs Indira Gandhi and son Varun Gandhi Maneka Gandhi (born on 26th august 1956) in a Sikh family to Lt. Col. Tarlochan Singh Anand and Amardeep Kaur Anand. She was born in Delhi and educated at the Lawrence School, Sanawar and later at Lady Shri Ram College for Women in New Delhi she earned an ISC. She did modelling for Bombay Dyeing and that was where she was spotted by Sanjay Gandhi. She met him when she was 17 and got married within a year. Maneka Gandhi - Environmentalist, Animal Right Activist and a parliamentarian Sanjay and Maneka lived with Indira Gandhi and Sanjay grew increasingly involved in Indian politics as part of the Youth Congress. Maneka often accompanied him on his travels. She was also the Founder Editor of Surya, a piece of political news monthly. When the Congress party was defeated in 1977, Maneka turned the magazine into a platform to promote and defend the Congress party, her husband and mother-in

From Army Aspirant to World Champion: Parvej Khan Makes History in the USA

The sporting world witnessed a remarkable feat recently, not from a seasoned Olympian, but from a 19-year-old with a unique story. Parvej Khan, a young athlete from Nooh, Haryana, defied expectations by conquering the gruelling 1500m race at the 2024 SEC Outdoor Track and Field Championship in Louisiana, USA. This victory marks not only a personal triumph for Parvej but also highlights the instrumental role of the Indian Armed Forces in nurturing future sporting talents. Parvej Khan Parvej's journey began with a burning ambition to serve his nation. He embarked on a running regime to prepare for the rigorous Indian Army recruitment process. However, his exceptional talent couldn't remain confined to training grounds. Parvej's natural abilities soon propelled him to the national athletic scene, drawing parallels to the meteoric rise of Neeraj Chopra, another Indian athlete who honed his skills while serving in the Indian Army. Recognizing Parvej's potential, the Indian N