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what an Engineer mean?

I remember the day, it was the 1st semester of our first year, a guy of my batch 2007, came to me saying " Ataul dekh na ete raati re ke call karuchhi, au mote I love you kahuchhi, mu bhari tensed hei jaiichi"( see at this midnight hour someone is calling me and saying i love you, i don't know what to do, I'm very much tensed.) and he started crying heavily. I took his cell phone and waited for the call again. the call came and i inquired the caller thoroughly, the caller was his friend talking in a female voice to frighten him, and he succeeded in it. the reason was, that this guy had never talked to a girl at least over the phone and this was a call in female tone, saying i love you, this made him frightened and harassed. now this boy is an engineer and he can talk to girls, can even scold them very rudely on seeing any mischievous activity on him. a girl of my batch who on the first day asked me about the direction, the sunsets. this girl had a belief that she w

Know about Rahul Gandhi the Yuvraj of Indian National Congress Party

Rahul Gandhi  Rahul Gandhi the Yuvraj of 125 years old congress party. Rahul Gandhi got his सियासत on विरासत. Born on 19 th July 1970. He is active in politics for seven years. He entered into politics in the year 2003 six years after her mother Mrs Sonia Gandhi joined the AICC in the year 1997. Rahul Gandhi since his entering into the party remained an eminent and very active member of India national congress party. Under his supervision, two wings of youths and students get a stronghold and their members increase much fold. The two wings INDIAN YOUTH CONGRESS and NATIONAL STUDENT UNION OF INDIA now has several million members, which earlier had about some hundred to thousand members.