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Where do you not see BJP or Narendra Modi?

BJP is no more a Political party but has become a sort of media campaigner. They did nothing in 5 years and hence had to ask for votes on the names of Martyrs of Pulwama. A perfect example of the violation of the Model code of conduct. Are the army has become a tool or modus operandi to get votes for BJP? Just think, where not do you see BJP/Narendra Modi? News Channels: Most of the private news channels (Including Pet Channels like Republic TV and Zee News ) and public channels including Doordarshan and an unlicensed and illegitimate NamoTV, which no one knows who owns it has been advised to telecast BJP rallies round the clock and question opposition instead of the government. BUT - Did you ever see Prime Minister Narendra Modi in any press conference in last 5 Years? Just think about it, WHY? Social Networks: Facebook already revealed in their latest earnings report from ads, that around 70% earning they do (in India) comes from BJP and rest all including independent p

Questions Prime Minister Narendra Modi never answered

Questions which Prime Minister Narendra Modi never answered being the representative of the largest democratic setup in the world. He was never able to collect enough courage to put himself in front of the free and unbiased media briefing. He was never able to hold a press conference in his entire 5-year regime, never allowed any media personnel to ask him any kind of questions on his works which didn’t go well. Making himself the only Prime Minister in the entire history of Indian Politics after India’s independence to not able to face any press conference. Questions PM Narendra Modi never answered. Did ‘Demonetization’ achieved the intent (black money) and if not, why you had so tall claims of its success, how come you executed this without thorough preparation? Mob Lynching activities in the name of ‘Gau Raksha’ increased many folds during your regime of 2014-2019, what stringent action you took to check its future occurrences? Why still being raised by the opposition in Par