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Quiz on animals

Largest milk and milk products producing country in the world. Which country has the largest population of cattle herds in the world. Largest population of sheeps in the world. Largest population of sharks in the world. Most venomous snake in the world. tallest dog in the world. Smartest animal in the world. Answers: USA India China Caribean sea Indian Cobra Zeus, a 44-inch tall Great Dane from Michigan A close cousin to raven family, CROW is considered the most intelligent of all birds and animals.

Amazing facts about animals in India

Sonepur, Bihar hosts the world's largest animal fairs in the world. Indian Cobra is the most venomous snake in the world. India has the largest population of cattle herds in the world. India has the third-largest population of sheep in the world. India is the 5th country in terms of chicken population in the world, first being the china, second US, Indonesia, Brazil and then India on 5th. India has the highest number of human rabies deaths in the world around 35000 deaths per year. Number of Human death by Leopard attack is highest in India. There are only 400 lions left in the Gir forest of Gujarat. The great Indian rhinoceros are the largest rhinoceroses in the world. India has around 50 million monkeys.

Indian baby names with letter K

Hindu baby boy names with letter K Krishna Kamal Kanwal Kanwaljeet Kamlesh Kailash Kanhu Karan Kaushal Kaushik Kedar Khirodra Kunal Krit Kundan Hindu baby girl names with letter K Kavya Kavita Kajol Kajal Kasturi Kalpana Komal keerti Kiran Kalyani Karina Karishma Karnapriya Krishi Kriti Kritika Kshiti

Lyrics of Tum Ho Meri Jaan

                                                Love Song: Tum Ho Meri Jaan Kehena hai mushkil kaise karu bayaan Tum ho meri jaan Tum ho meri jaan Sapnon ke woh pal Dil se aankh michoni Aankhon se aankhon ka ishaara yeh mera dil awaara Kaise kahu,kuch toh kahu kuch toh kahu ki Tum ho meri jaan Tum ho meri jaan Ek pal toh tum.. mudhkar dekho naa Ek pal toh tum.. mudhkar dekho naa Woh lamhe intezaar ke Tasveerein mere pyaar ke Tasveerein is dil mein qaid saare,pyaare pyaare...kyu ki Tum ho meri jaan Tum ho meri jaan Panna woh tut gaya.. yeh dil toh rooth gaya sapana woh tut gaya yeh dil toh rooth gaya ek waari,yeh saari yeh saari pyaari pyaari.. duniya mein.. ek chehraa na main bhoola.. kuch kehedo kuch sunlo.. deewaane ko na tadapao,tarasaao.. kyu ki.. Tum ho meri jaan Tum ho meri jaan Kehena hai mushkil kaise karu bayaan Tum ho meri jaan Lyricist: Pooja Prabhu.

Indian Baby names with letter J

Hindu baby boy names with letter 'J' Jayram Jayesh Jai Jeevan Jagan Jitendra Jasmeet Jaydev Jaydeep Jayprakash Jnana Jogindra Indian Baby Girl names with Letter 'J' Jwala Jyoti Juhi Jagriti Jagruti Jahnvi Jhanvi Janki jasmin Jasmeet Jayaprada Jayashree Jiya

Baby boy and girl names with letter D

Hindu baby boy names with letter D ----------------------------------------------- Dupinder Dharmendra Deviprasad Dushyant Debasish Deepak Dinesh Dibya Dhiraj Devasish Devanand Dhiru Dino Dibakar Dibyajyoti Hindu baby Girls name with letter D ----------------------------------------------- Damyanti Diksha Divya Deepti Deepika Dinki Debarchana Dimple Diptimanjari Debadarshini Diana Debashree

Baby boy and girl names with letter P

Hindu baby boy name with letter 'P' Prakash Prabhat Prashant Pranjal Prem Pikan Pinu Pallab Paritosh Prasanjit Pradeep Pravin Priyanshu Pramjeet Hindu baby girl names with letter 'P' Pooja Pratiksha Pratibha Pratima Payal Pragati Pinki Pihu Piya Priya Poonam Palwinder Pari Parineeti Priyanka Pushpa Preeti Muslim baby boy names with letter 'P' Parwez Purdil Muslim Girl names with letter 'P' Pakeezah Pari Pashmeena Perkha (dew)

Baby boy and girls name with letter R

Hindu baby boy names with letter R -------------------------------------------------------- Rakesh Rajesh Ranjit Rajiv Rinkesh Rishi Rishabh Rohan Rohit Rajkishore Rabindra Hindu baby Girls name with letter R -------------------------------------------------------- Rakhi Raksha Renu Richa Reshma Rachana Revathy Rajtarangini Roma Muslim baby boy names with letter R ---------------------------------------------------- Rehaan Rizwaan Rashid Rauf Rafeeq Rahil (Path guider) Rahman Rehmat Ramiz (Honored, respected) Muslim baby girl names with letter R ----------------------------------------------------- Razia Rabiya Rashida Ruhi Ruksana Rukhsar Raeesha (Princess or nobel lady) Rafia (Sublime or excuisite) Ramzia (Gift)

Indian Baby names with letter S

Hindu baby boy names with letter 'S' --------------------------------------------------------------- Saurav Suraj Shakti Shantanu Subhasish Saroj Sandeep  Subrata Sarthak Sritam Satya Soumya Souvik Sikander Sunny Shahid Sadanand Muslim baby boy names with letter 'S' --------------------------------------------------------- Sahil Sajeel Shakeel Shahnawaj Shanaul Salil Sehzada Sabir Shamsher Sarjeel Saqlain Shahid Salman Sikander Suleman Sajid Shafique

Baby boy names with letter B

Indian Hindu Baby names with letter B I have summed up some good names for Hindu boys names which are modern and are popular too. I have tried my best to select only the good names, so that you don't get messed up selecting names from the old and outdated names which are now considered lengthy and also boring to call. Hope you would like some names and as always your suggestions are always welcomed. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Names of Hindu baby boys ---------------------------------- Biswajit Bismay Bikram Baadal Badrinath Baldev Brijesh Brijraj Bhavin Bhargav Bhavya Some Muslim baby boy names ---------------------------------- Bilal Babar Badr Bakht Bakhtawar Basir Burayd (Means Cold, Mind)

Indian baby names with letter A

If you are here to search for a name for your blessed child. I assure you, you will surely find one suiting your child. Every child is a gift and every parent feel pride giving their child a name unique and most suitable. I would be adding more and more names with each new posts. I would be covering mainly Hindu baby names and Muslim Baby names categorically. Hindu Baby names because Hinduism is the largest religion in the country and Muslim names because second-largest religion is the Muslims. Some most common random names for Hindu baby boy with letter A ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Arnav Aryan Adhyayan Abhishek Abhilash Abhinav Ajit Ajitav Ashutosh Abhimanyu Ajay Abhay Amrit Anshuman Aayush Aayushman Anil Ashok Akhil Anurag Asish Ashwini/Ashwani Aanand Anit Ankit Aashirwad Amar Amaresh Amit Abhijit Arvind Amartya Akshay Akash Amod Amarjit Aaditya Amol Ajinkya Abakash Arun Aurosi

Know about Rituparna Ghosh Bengali film director and LGBT Icon in India

Rituparna Ghosh Rituparno Ghosh (born 31 August 1963, Death 30 May 2013) was a Bengali film director. He was born in Calcutta, West Bengal, India, his father Sunil Ghosh was a documentary filmmaker and his mother was also associated with Bengali Films. Ghosh was like an Icon for the  LGBT Community in India . He spent his later years of life as an openly homosexual person and chose a transgender lifestyle. He has won 12 National Film Awards in India and several awards at international film festivals. Before coming into films, he was directing in advertising, he was very popular for his one-liner ad campaigns, one of the most popular Bengali ad campaigns he had written was " Sharad Samman" for Borolene. In 1992, he debuted with a children's feature titled " Hirer Angti " (The Diamond Ring). His second movie Unishe April (19 April) won the 1995 National Film Award. Ghosh has directed Dahan , Utsab , Chokher Bali , Asukh , Bariwali , Raincoat in 20

List of Tourist places attractions near Sambalpur, Odisha, India

Sambalpur, Odisha Sambalpur a district of Odisha around 260 km from Capital city Bhubaneshwar , famous for its Sambalpuri Saree, Sambalpuri dance form, most prominent and known festival Nuakhai and temples like Samaleshwari, Buddharaja, Gopaljee monastery and Patneshwari. Here are the list of some most popular tourist attractions in and around Sambalpur. Hirakud Dam (Longest dam in the world) 16km from Sambalpur. Vikramkhol (A cave with beautiful inscriptions, as old as 1500 B.C.) around 26km from Sambalpur. Huma (Abode of Lord Shiva) around 32km from Sambalpur. Chiplima (A natural 80feet high natural waterfall) 36km from Sambalpur. Ushakothi (A wildlife Sanctuary) 48km from Sambalpur. Pradhanpat (A beautiful waterfall) around 96km from Sambalpur. Koilighughar (A scenic spot and beautiful waterfall, famous for its underwater shivalingam) around 106km from Sambalpur. Nrusimhanath (Temple of Vidala Nrusimha at the foot of Gandhamardan Hills) 165km approx from Sambalpur.

Some must to know facts about India III

India is just One-Third the size of Unites States. The earliest known cotton woven and spun was used to be in India. India is the largest producer of dried beans, such as kidney beans and chickpeas.  India is the largest producer and exporter of Bananas in the world. The decimal system was invented in India in around 100 B.C. India is the largest producer of cow Milk and Milk Products followed by the USA, China and Germany. India as a whole comes under one Time Zone. India is the largest producer of tea (Chai in Hindi) in the world. There are only 17 recognized languages in India out of 1653 dialects spoken in different parts of the country. Around 16,000+ trains crossing more than 10,000 stations daily cover around 13 lakh kilometres per day in India. India has the largest youth population in the world. Indian comes at 1st when asked: "Is religion important in our daily life?" India comes to #1 when it comes to the consumption of Rum and 5th in the consumptio

Lesser known facts about India II

Bharat is the official Sanskrit name of India. The name India is derived from the river Indus where one of the earliest civilization Indus valley civilization existed. India is the world's largest democracy. India has never invaded any country in her 10,000 years of history. Zero (0), was invented by Aryabhatta of India, without which number system would have never completed. Chess or Shatranja in Hindi has its root in India. Ayurveda is the earliest school of medicine known to humans. India is the third country after the US and Japan to have their indigenous built Super Computer. Hinduism, Buddhism, Sikhism and Jainism constitute around 25% of the world religion and incidentally, these all religions have their origin in India. India is the second-largest country in terms of population and 7th largest in terms of area size. If India continues to grow at the current growth rate, it will soon overtake China's population. Currently according to 2011 census India homes

109 gm gold Buddha statue, gift to India from Thailand

Lord Buddha idol, gift from Thailand to India

Indian Heritage and sculptures

Indian Heritage, sculptures

Some Handicrafts India

Handicrafts, India Handicrafts, India Metal Handicrafts, India Metal Handicrafts, India Some Handicrafts from India.

Lodhi Garden, Delhi

Lodhi Garden, Delhi

Indians who made to the Mount Everest

Raghav Joneja, 15 years and seven months, from Moradabad, became the youngest Indian to scale the Mount Everest . Raghav broke the record set by Manipur's Nameirakpam Chingkheinganba , at 16 years seven months and 11 days who had broked the record of Arjun Vajpai's . Raghav achieved the remarkable feat on May 21 after embarking on an arduous 56 day-long journey. Arjun Vajpayee was the youngest Indian to climb Mount Everest at the age of 16 years , 11 months and 18 days and Krishna Patil were the second youngest Indian to climb Mount Everest at the age of 19 years. Bachendri Pal is the first Indian woman to reach Mount Everest . She had reached to the Mt Everest top on 23rd May 1984 at around 1:07PM IST. Bachendri Pal was born on 24th May 1954 in Nakuri village,  Uttarkashi, Garhwal, Uttarakhand, India. Tenzing Norgay born as Namgyal Wangdi is famously known as Sherpa Tenzing was the first-ever mountaineer to reach Mount Everest and he was also the first India