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Know about Alok Bhardwaj founder of epic browser from hidden reflex

epic browser
Epic Browser is said to be the first-ever web browser from India. You must be very well aware of popular web browsers like Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Netscape Navigator, Opera and etc. But this Epic browser comes with the Indian touch and style is one of its kind. One of the reasons why Indians would like this Indian browser is its facility of typing in Indian languages. This browser is founded by a Bangalore based company called Hidden Reflex, headed by Alok Bhardwaj.

epic browser logo
Alok Bhardwaj, formerly a mergers & acquisitions investment banker for technology and other companies, is the founder of Hidden Reflex. Mr Bhardwaj earned a degree in philosophy from Princeton University in 1996. He is a founding member of and is also the proprietor of a New York City-based educational services firm.

On the launch day by hidden reflex:
"We're thrilled to announce on July 15, 2010 the launch of our very first product: the Epic Browser. Epic is India's first-ever web browser and the only browser in the world with anti-virus protection built-in. Indian language support is pervasive in Epic. Users can choose from 1500+ Indian themes including browser-based wallpapers. The India content sidebar includes everything from news headlines to regional news to live tv to live cricket commentary. Epic is the first browser to include a suite of productivity applications including a free word processor, video sidebar (picture-in-picture functionality), communication apps like Facebook and Twitter, My Computer file browser, and 1500+ free, user-installable sidebar apps in the Epic Apps Store."

The browser loads the webpages bit faster as compared to other browsers. Epic browser is based on Mozilla platform and its purely open-source software. The main feature of Epic is Sidebar and its Applications. It has many applications and widgets. Epic was designed and customized specifically for Indian users and their taste. Epic browser is purely developed by an Indian software company.
The logo of Epic browser denotes the Indian tricolour flag.

History :
Epic was developed and released by Hidden Reflex in 15th July 2010. Hidden Reflex is one of the software company founded by Alok Bharadwaj in 2008 in Bangalore.

Main Features of Epic Browser:

The first web browser provided by India for World.
Open Source Browser.
The world's only browser with sidebar applications.
The world's only antivirus browser
Type in different Indian Languages
Play Games in Epic browser itself.
To-Do list with Alert, Timer
1500+ Applications, themes based on Indian cultures.
Browsing Home folder through Browser itself.
Private browsing
High security.
Get the updates easily and very quickly through browser buttons.
Fast Browsing, Downloads, etc..

Most of the above features are unique and only available in the Epic browser. The epic browser has a lot of applications such as web snippet tool, timer, to-do list, text editor, games, Google Maps, chatting windows like Gtalk, social networking sites such as Orkut, facebook and twitter, email applications, and several other web applications. Mostly, Indian users need short cut for social sites and To-do list and Alerts, because most of the time, the person will forget the important activity in his busy schedule. So, we hope Epic will remind everything to that user at the exact time.

It has a large number of themes and wallpapers related to India and Indian cultures. As of now, there are 1500+ more free applications, which will work with Epic browser and, it will support 12 Indian languages including Hindi, Bengali, Punjabi, Marathi, Gujarati, Sanskrit, Nepali, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Kannada, and Urdu. Some more foreign languages also will be supported by Epic which not used in India. The languages are, Arabic, Farsi / Persian, Russian, and Greek.
Through Epic browser itself, we can open the files which are available in "My Computer". Also, we can listen to songs, music through browser itself. So we don't want to open the "My computer" separately.

Anti-Virus Scanning :
Epic is claimed to be the first web browser providing built-in anti-virus and protection. The best feature provided by Epic is Anti-virus scanning which is not available in any other browser. Most of the viruses come to our computer through Internet only, The concept used in Epic browser for Virus scanning is very new to the computer world and its unique, If our browser is secure, then everything will be secure. For example, consider, if the door of the home is secure, then obviously that home is secured. Also, we can scan for viruses for our computer hard disk, external disk through Epic browser.

How to activate antivirus on Epic?

From the above question, you don't need to think its a complex process. its very simple, we need to understand that, Epic will not enable the Anti-Virus scanning by default. It will start to active the first time when we downloading something from the Internet. When we download Image or songs or any other, it will ask, "Want to scan this download for Viruses?"; If we click on this or if we allow scanning for viruses, then the Epic will start downloading the Virus Definition into the computer,. This Epic Virus definition is approximate. 25MB in size. Once the Virus Definition is downloaded we can use it as usual and it's free of cost.

The only browser which has Built-in Anti Virus scanning is Epic. Epic has some more unique features compare to other browsers. But if the developers are concentrated on this feature more, Epic browser will be used all over the world, not only in India.

It has a separate button for accessing social sites such as Orkut, Facebook, Twitter.
Change the wallpaper of the browser as well as in the desktop.
Browse the files through browser itself.

In the sidebar Application, Epic has lots of applications such as On-line Television channels, Video clips from You-tube and so on, uploading files, photos, songs to Internet easily. Also who have writing a article or blogger in Internet or taking some information from Internet, surely Epic will reduce their work. For example, if we are searching about some topic and need to take information, we will copy the page and paste it at some other files. For that, we need to do copy-paste operation and opening a file frequently. To avoid this, browser have "Inbuilt writing Editor" application in Epic.

It has one another feature called "Private browsing". There is a button in the left side of the top corner. This is used to change the normal browsing to private browsing and vice versa. When it comes to private browsing, it will not store the browsing history. One more feature is, when loading the website, Epic will suggest us, the website is secure or not. When loading a web page, if the green icon notify comes in the address bar, then the web page is secure. If Red Icon comes, the the web page is not secured.

Apart from this, Epic give a facility to play lot of games in the browser itself, so we don't need to spent lot of times in the Internet to search and play games. Also it reduced the Internet usage, so we don't need to spent lot of money on Internet.

Advantage of Epic:

  • Many more unique features and sidebar Applications.
  • It is very easy and convenient to use.

The disadvantage of Epic :
  •  Epic is not directly supported on Linux and Mac platform.

The expectation on Epic browser :
  • Need to compete with other browsers such as Firefox, Internet Explorer, Chrome, Opera and so on.
  • The Epic browser is expected to be a big hit among the Indian users.
  • How this browser is going to use outside India.
  • They need to develop to support Epic on mobile phones also.

Official site :

Download the Epic browser free of cost from the above given link.


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